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Toilets that are slow to flush, standing water in a kitchen sink, laundry drain backing up; recurring sewer line  and drain clogs can have many causes. From pipe corrosion, root intrusion within the sewer system, scale and sludge build up, to a belly in the drain line; the one sure way to get “eyes” on the problem is with video camera inspection of your sewer and drain lines. can provide you with a comprehensive video camera inspection service to diagnose your issues. Within the camera is an electronic locating device. Paired with the locating wand, our plumbers can locate exactly where the issues are, visually show you where the failure points, and walk you through the best solution to suit your needs and budget.

Tampa Plumbing - Sewer and Drain Inspection Video Camera

Depending on the severity of the problem, the condition of the pipes, and the location of the trouble area, a spot repair may be feasible. Often times, especially in older properties with cast iron, clay, and orangeburg pipe, the video inspection may reveal extensive damage throughout the sewer and drain system. This will require a more comprehensive sewer and drain rehabilitation that includes all the drains and lines under your property running to the municipal sewer connection.

Drain and Sewer Video Inspection

Below you will find an example of the comprehensive view a drain and sewer inspection camera can give on the condition of the drain and sewer lines in your home or business.

During this plumbing inspection the camera was used after attempting to clear a very difficult clogged kitchen drain. Entering through a kitchen drain pipe the video reveals that the cast iron pipe has been in service for may years and is in very poor condition. Further down the drain line the age and damage to the drain pipe is even more evident. Rust build-up, channels in the pipe, scale, and excessive grease and sludge can be seen.  This type of damage and build-up reduces the diameter of the pipe causing repeated drain clogs, more difficulty in using conventional drain cleaning methods, and eventual total failure of the drain.

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After inspecting the drains and sewer lines in your home or business we may suggest a thorough drain cleaning process to keep your drains running smoothly. Clogged toilets, stopped up kitchen sinks, and back ups in your bath, or laundry can inconvenience you for hours, even days of your life.  A clogged drain in one area of you home can be a sign of a larger problem that do-it-yourself tools and techniques will not be sufficient to clear.

Using the wrong drain cleaning tools may only move the blockage further down the line and out of your reach. We have reliable plumbers with the right tools to diagnose the root of the issue and fix your clogged drain problems fast and at an affordable price.

Drain Inspection - Drain Cleaning

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