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Calusa Trace Plumbers has been serving Calusa Trace and other Tampa Bay communities since 2012. With over 20 plumbers and apprentices and a fleet of vehicles, trailers, and drain jetting machines, our plumbers have everything they need. They will honestly diagnose a wide range of plumbing issues and make the repairs at an affordable price. See what our customers are saying about our plumbing services on Google and FacebookTo schedule a licensed plumber to address your issues, CALL TODAY!

Calusa Trace Plumber – Drain Cleaning

When you’re in need of a drain cleaning company in Calusa Trace, you want a company with the experience and expertise to diagnose and repair clogged drains quickly and affordably.  can ensure that your drain problems are addressed in a timely, effective and cost-efficient manner. We are family owned and operated plumbing company and our Tampa plumbers are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

Some common causes of clogged drains include soap build-up, grease, fats, oils, hair, hygiene products, root intrusion, and foreign objects being flushed accidentally.  Over time, soap residue and particles can build up in drains, causing clogs, and even corrosion on the inside of the pipes.  It is important to never pour grease, cooking oils, or fatty materials down your kitchen sink drain. Although it may be liquid while going down, it can quickly cool and solidify in the sewer line, clinging to the walls of the pipe and building up over time. This can cause more materials to become trapped, creating a costly and irritating issue.

In showers and sinks, stray hairs can build up and create nasty clogs. One of the best ways to prevent soap and hair clogs and buildup is by using drain strainers to trap the debris. In older homes and property with a lot of landscaping, tree roots can invade your pipes and cause clogs and even break the pipes themselves. When left unattended, these roots can cause widespread pipe damage.

Calusa Trace Plumbers - Drain Cleaning

Calusa Trace Plumbers – Toilet installation & Toilet Repair

Are you having issues with the toilets in your Calusa Trace Home?  Do you need toilet repairs or looking to completely replace your existing toilet? has the Calusa Trace plumbers available to assist you. Our commitment to customer service and providing quality craftsmanship ensures that you have the proper fixtures, the plumbing is done properly, and that all seals, gaskets, flanges and flange bolts are secure. The last thing you want is an improperly installed toilet that can lead to future issues and repairs. Call today for immediate appointments or submit a plumbing request on our website and we will contact  you within an hour.

Toilet Repair

Some common issues with toilets include

  • Failed flange or broken flange bolts. A common symptom is a toilet that rocks back and forth or moves while you’re sitting on it. This can damage the wax seal and create costly leaks around the base of the toilet, damaging surrounding flooring or subflooring.
  • Worn out flush valve. This will cause your tank to fill improperly.
  • Degraded flapper. This is often the source of a toilet that won’t stop running
  • Failed gasket between tank and bowl. Here, you’ll experience leaking water that can damage your floor.
  • Worn supply valves. These will cause a slow-filling tank.
  • Failed supply line. This is a big issue that can cause flooding.
  • Backed up toilet. While plunging is a temporary measure for a clogged toilet that backs up when flushing, it’s imperative to call an expert plumber when experiencing this common issue.

The licensed, experienced plumbers at can address your toilet issues no matter the cause, and get you up and running in no time.

Calusa Trace Plumbing – Water Re-piping

Metal pipe corrosion is common in older galvanized or copper piping, and can cause small, pin-hole leaks to develop. When you repair one leak, several others will appear over time. This can add up to repeated service calls for leak detection, expensive repairs and possibly more costly large leaks or burst pipes. If you’re experiencing unusually high water bills, low water pressure, a washing machine that takes forever to fill, or an odd taste or color in your water, you could have corroded pipes.

A water re-pipe is the only permanent way to address this issue. Another issue that might necessitate a re-pipe  are slab leaks in homes built on a foundation. This can be caused by older pipes, improper installation, poor-quality materials, high water pressure, foundation settling, or chemical reactions between copper or galvanized steel pipes and soil or concrete. Over time, these leaks can cause structural damage to your home.

Water Re-Pipes - Calusa Trace Plumbers has the plumbers with the experience and expertise to complete your re-piping in Calusa Trace. In addition to our knowledge, competitive pricing and efficient approach, we use only high-grade Uponor PEX pipes to avoid future corrosion and leaks.

Calusa Trace Emergency Plumbing

Our plumbers will quickly respond to your Calusa Trace plumbing emergeny 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with honest and affordable pricing. is committed to providing our North Tampa customers with timely and caring emergency plumbing services. From burst pipes, slab leaks, sewer back-ups, to repairing collapsed sewer lines we will be there within the hour! From the moment we receive your call until the job is done; provides honest and affordable plumbing services by a professional, experienced, and licensed Calusa Trace Plumbers with dependable and guaranteed results.

Calusa Trace Emergency Plumbers

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