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Seminole Heights was founded in in 1911 and is regarded as the first suburb of Tampa. The majority of the homes in Seminole Heights were built in the early to middle 1900’s.  With the recent resurgence in the desire for the historic bungalow style homes. The quiet, tree lined streets. As well as the proximity to downtown Tampa. Home owners and prospective buyers need to be aware of the often overlooked concerns with the plumbing materials used at the time of construction.

Even the materials used to complete Seminole Heights plumbing repairs and plumbing remodels from the 1950’s to the present day may have also reached their expected service life. Two of the most common instances to call on a Seminole Height’s plumber are re-piping the water lines, and sewer repairs or sewer replacement.

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Common Problems Seen By Seminole Heights Plumbers

Re-piping the Water Lines in Your Home

The water service lines in most of the homes in Seminole Heights were originally plumbed using either galvanized steel pipes or in later years copper pipe.

Plumbing tubing and Fittings for Water Lines

Galvanized Steel Water Pipes

Galvanized water pipes have not been used for water supply since the 1960’s. If you own or are looking to purchase a home with galvanized water pipes, you may well have to replace them very soon. The estimated service life of galvanized pipe is generally 20-40 years depending on water quality. Galvanized pipe is susceptible to failure and clogging by either scale build up inside the pipe wall. Rusting from the inside out. Or a combination of both. The first sign of problems with galvanized piping is a higher than usual water bill. Secondly, reduced water flow at fixtures. Finally, rusty water when coming out of fixtures and faucets.

Once the point of failure has been reached. You find yourself with a leak in one place. Repairing the single failure will often result in a cascade of failures in other areas of the home. The best route at that point is to re-pipe the water lines for the whole house with quality Uponor Pex-A piping. Uponor Pex-A (crosslinked polyethylene) has a service life of over 50 years and is easier to install and repair.

Do you have concerns about the state of the galvanized pipe in your home? Call on the top rated Tampa plumbers at today. Our Seminole Heights plumbers will provide an honest and affordable a re-pipe estimate. Then walk you through the best steps to take to remedy your plumbing problems.

Copper Water Pipes

Copper water pipes began to be used for water supply more predominantly in the middle of the 1930’s and in some cases, up to the present day. Depending on water quality, water pressure, and chemical reactions with acidic soil and concrete foundations. Copper pipes have a service life of approximately 20-30 years. Corrosion in copper pipe is a slower process than galvanized pipe.

Additionally, copper water lines also must be grounded to meet code standards. Unfortunately, electrical grounding can sometimes speed up the corrosion process. Signs of problems with copper pipes are higher than normal water bills, visible corrosion on exposed pipes, frequent pin-hole leaks, rust-colored water, and stained dishes or laundry.

As with galvanized supply lines, once the point of failure has been reached and you find yourself with a pin-hole leak in one place, repairing the single failure will often result in a cascade of failures in other areas of the home.  A whole house re-pipe using Uponor Pex-A pipe is the best solution to insure there will be no future problems. PEX piping has a service life of 50 plus years and is easier to install and repair.

If you’ve had multiple pipe repairs done on the copper pipes in your Seminole Heights home. Experienced higher than usual water bills. Or any of the symptoms of failure listed above. Contact today for a re-pipe estimate and information on the best steps to remedy your plumbing problems.

Sewer Repair & Replacements

Cast iron, Clay, Orangeburg, and PVC are the most common types of sewer lines used in plumbing Seminole Heights’ homes and businesses.  Whether they are the original pipes installed when the home was built. Have been replaced sometime in the recent past. No matter what, all sewer lines are susceptible to failure for many reasons.

Plumber Repairing a Sewer in Front Yard

Cast Iron Sewer Repair

Cast iron sewer pipes in Seminole Heights homes have a service life averaging 30-40 yrs. Rust and corrosion over the years is a forgone conclusion. Metal pipes that are continually in contact with waste water will begin to rust over time.  Rust build up on the inside of the pipe reduces the interior size of the pipe. This inhibits the flow of water and waste materials in the sewer line. Additionally, this rust creates a rough surface. This will slow the rate at which waste water flows through the pipe. It also allows for places for waste material to get caught and build up over time.

Corrosion of the pipe also contributes to the failure of a cast iron sewer line. Constant waste water flow will eventually create a channel on the bottom of the pipe. Over the years this will weaken and erode the pipe structure. This causes fractures and holes. Allowing dirt and other foreign materials to enter and clog the sewer line. Also, waste water can escape eroding the soil supporting the pipe causing a “belly” to form in the line. Bellies can lead to total failure of the cast iron sewer line.

Clay Sewer Repair

Many of the homes in Seminole Heights were plumbed with clay sewer pipes. Clay sewer pipes are slightly porous. Have many joints. The multiple joints are a favorite target of tree roots. Tree roots seek out any source of water and will wrap around the pipe. As the roots grow they penetrate the pipe and continue to grow. The roots create blockages and can even crush and collapse the clay pipe.

If there is even the smallest leak around the joints. Root invasion can happen quickly. Once the pipe has been compromised the only course of action is to repeatedly pay a professional plumber to clear the roots. The other option is costly “spot repairs” over and over. The more effective and affordable solution is to have the compromised sewer line replaced by a professional Seminole Heights Plumber.

Orangeburg Sewer Repair

Orangeburg pipe is a fiber pipe made from layers of wood pulp and coal tar pressed together. It was in use as early as the late 1800’s all the way up to the 1970’s. Orangeburg pipe was favored as a low cost alternative to metal for sewer lines. It was lightweight. Needed no adhesive to seal the joints. Also it was easily cut and sized using standard hand tools. Lack of strength caused pipes made of orangeburg to fail more frequently than pipes made with clay or cast iron. Orangeburg pipe has been known to fail in as little as 10 years. In most municipalities’ plumbing codes it has been removed from the list of approved plumbing materials.

PVC Sewer Repair

PVC is the modern and standardized means of plumbing sewer lines to the city waste collection lines. Schedule 40 PVC has an estimated service life of 50-80 years. In older homes that had clay, Orangeburg, or cast iron sewer lines replaced, or even in newer built homes. PVC main sewer lines can still fail. PVC sewer line failures are caused by improper installation. Tree roots penetrating low quality, thin wall PVC piping. Low quality piping  that saved the home builder a few dollars. Finally, “bellies” in the line due to the improper bedding and installation of the sewer line.

If you live in Seminole Heights and have experienced sewer line clogs. Repeated called a plumber to clear roots. Or to complete spot repairs due to bellies in the sewer line. Call today for an honest and affordable sewer repair estimate. Our experienced and professional Seminole Heights plumbers will come to your property. Assess your situation and provide the best remedy for your sewer repair needs. From video inspection of the drain lines, cabling the line, drain jetting or full replacement. You will not find better workmanship or guarantees than

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