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Common Tampa Plumbing Problems

Tampa started off in the early 1800’s as a small military outpost called Fort Brooke with residences surrounding it. The population numbered around one thousand. Since then Tampa has expanded and developed into the Tampa Bay Area we know today. With a population approaching 3,000,000. A large number of the homes in Tampa Bay Area were built during the major population growth in 50’s and 60’s.

No plumbing lasts forever and the original materials used in these homes have aged long beyond their service life. Copper and galvanized water supply lines begin leaking. Costing money for repeated repairs or causing expensive water damage to your property. Cast iron, orangeburg, and clay sewer pipes have rusted out, cracked, or collapsed causing repeated blockages and drain clogs.

Kitchen Sink and Garbage Disposal

​Due to the water quality in Tampa, combined with rust and minerals in aging pipes. Water heaters failures are also a common Tampa plumbing problem. All too often regular water heater maintenance is overlooked until the unit has finally failed. Sewer and drain replacements, whole house water re-pipes, and water heater replacements are the “big three” as far as Tampa plumbing is concerned.

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Water Supply Pipe Failure

Copper Pipe

Copper pipe with soldered fittings became a standard material for water supply systems in home construction beginning in the 1950’s. With so much time passing, the pipes begin to fail from the inside due to water chemistry and exterior conditions like reactions with soil or concrete slabs. Pinhole leaks can eventually form as pitting occurs. Water is lost through these leaks and can damage the walls and ceilings in your home and increase your water bill significantly.

Galvanized Steel Pipe

Galvanized pipe is steel pipe with a protective layer of zinc to inhibit corrosion. It was predominantly used to provide water to homes and business prior to the 1960’s. Over time, deterioration of the pipe causes rust and corrosion to build up on the inside walls of the pipe. Rust will eat away at the pipe over the years, causing discolored water and leaks in the pipes. Calcium, lead, and other minerals will build up on aging galvanized pipe, reducing water pressure and water quality. When the pipes are in this condition abrupt changes in water pressure (water hammer) can break off rust and mineral deposits. This can further compromise the pipe walls and make leaks more likely. These material can also clog faucets and reduce the life of your water fed appliances.

Re-Pipes / Re-Plumbing

Tampa Plumbing - Re-Pipes

Don’t let repeated small problems turn into a big emergency. Such as a burst pipe or ceiling damage from a leak in a second story bathroom. Consult a licensed plumber about whole house water re-piping. All the old pipes will be replaced to make sure there will be no concerns with leaks. You will also experience a restored level of water pressure to all of your plumbing fixtures.

Our reliable Tampa plumbers specialize in re-piping homes and businesses. If your water bill is high, you have low water pressure, or have any leaky spots in your home. The best and most permanent solution is a water re-pipe. EVERYDAYPLUMBER.com only uses high quality and long lasting Uponor PEX pipe for water lines inside your home. You will receive unmatched customer service by from our Tampa plumbing company. Plumbing can be a dirty job and can create a lot of mess. There’s no need to worry, our plumbers clean up the mess so you don’t have to.

Sewer Line Failure

Cast Iron Sewer Pipe

Cast iron pipe was used for sewer and drainage applications prior to the 1970’s and have a service life of 25 – 30 years. Once its service life has been reached, it is most likely corroded and worn to the point where it needs to be replaced. Exterior corrosion occurs when the pipe is exposed to overly acidic soil and exposure to water. The interior of the pipe will rust and “zippers” or channels will form on the bottom of the pipe due to erosion from years of water and waste running through it. The pipe and fittings becomes corroded to the point where it is exposed to soil and invites the growth of roots that can cause a severe blockage. This condition can even erode the soil under the structure causing foundation issues.

Clay Sewer Pipe

Also known as terra cotta or vitrified clay pipe (VCP). Clay sewer pipe was used mainly in sanitary sewers before cast Iron became the primary choice. Clay pipes have been used for centuries, but in modern construction they were not generally installed under a structure. They were used in conjunction with other materials and widely used between a structure and the sewer tap. Clay pipe was cheaper than other materials and had less of an environmental impact. Although they have a long service life, sewers laid with clay pipe are prone to joint separation and cracking due to ground settling and erosion. These cracks and separations allow for further erosion of the soil bed and root intrusion. Roots will lead to major stoppages and in some cases wrap around the pipe crushing it completely.

Orangeburg Sewer Pipe

Orangeburg pipe is essentially paper or cardboard coated with tar. It is lightweight and easily becomes deformed under pressure. Breaks in the pipe are routine and allow for the detrimental intrusion of roots. Orangeburg pipe has a life span from ten to fifty years but was removed from the international plumbing code in 1972 as an acceptable material in new construction. Any orangeburg pipe that is still in service is at least 44 years old as of 2016. The pipes have most likely experienced many issues and should be replaced immediately with more modern and long lasting materials.

Sewer Repair and Replacement

Tampa Plumbing - Sewer Repair

If you are experiencing any sewer problems such as sewer smell, slow drains, clogged toilets, or gurgling toilets, you may need a sewer replacement or sewer repair. Our Tampa plumbing company has the years of experience needed to accomplish any sewer job. Big or small. If part of your sewer has failed and is leeching into your yard, we can clean the area and expose the pipe to determine what exactly is the cause of the leak. Our knowledgeable Tampa plumbers can then remove the section of damaged pipe and replace it with high quality schedule 40 PVC pipes and fittings. If the whole sewer system is in a state of disrepair, we can install a brand new one in its entirety. We’ll make sure to leave no debris or garbage around the job site and create as little disruption as possible.

Water Heater Maintenance

Standard gas or electric tank water heaters have a service life of 10 – 15 years. Hybrid and tankless water heaters have a slightly longer life expectancy. Regularly scheduled maintenance can extend the life of you water heater. But even then they will eventually fail. Many homes in Tampa have water heaters 10 or more years old. This is around the time where water heaters begin to fail or have reduced function and efficiency. Money is lost constantly having to heat the water or corrosion and deposit build up inside the water heater has caused it to cease its function. In this case, it is necessary to repair the water heater to restore function.

This may also be an opportunity to upgrade to more efficient unit. Some brands and models are eligible for energy rebates and tax credits to offset the costs of replacing the unit. Do you have concerns about the operation, safety, or efficiency of your natural gas, propane, or electric water heater? Contact the Tampa plumbing experts at EVERYDAYPLUMBER.com. We are a family owned and operated Tampa plumbing company providing superior water heater repairs and installation.

Tampa Plumbing - Water Heaters

24/7 Emergency Tampa Plumbing

We have Tampa plumbing professionals “on call” seven days a week to come to the rescue if you are experiencing plumbing emergency. Our 24/7 plumbers will respond quickly and courteously, providing you with the highest level of customer service and quality plumbing repairs just as you would receive in a non-emergency situation. They are highly qualified to perform complete drain cleaning services, repair leaking water supply pipes, kitchen plumbing repairs, toilet rebuilds, tub and shower valves, and water heaters installations. EVERYDAYPLUMBER.com is licensed, bonded, insured and is committed to providing our Tampa Bay customers with professional emergency plumbing services,

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We offer a full range of Tampa plumbing services and specialize in sewer repair and replacement, water re-pipes, and water heater repair and installation. Our plumbers are committed to providing our customers with professional and timely plumbing repairs with customer service unmatched by any other plumbing company in Tampa. Read  our reviews and see what our customers are saying about our plumbing services on Facebook, and Google.

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