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Tampa Leak Detection

Save $25.00 on your first plumbing repair service. Our ultra-sonic leak detection experts will quickly and accurately locate hidden water leaks in your residence or commercial business.  Whether it is under the concrete slab, behind a wall, or in an underground pipe outside of your home, our leak detection experts can pinpoint your problem.  Often times in properties with older copper or galvanized steel water supply pipes, initial pinhole leaks can be a sign of more problems in the future. Just as the pipe failed in the one location due to age and corrosion, the rest of the pipes in your home or business may be in the same condition.  Fixing one leak can lead to another, and another, and so on.  This cascading affect can lead to multiple costly repairs.  You may want to consider a water re-pipe of your property.  Re-piping with modern, flexible PEX is a more comprehensive solution than trying to maintain older pipes with repeated spot repairs.

Call Us Now At 813-872-0200

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