Understanding Slab Leaks: A Guide for Tampa Plumbing Customers

Slab leaks are one of the most troubling plumbing issues because the problem does not immediately present itself.

The  plumbing system in your home is a network of pipes that deliver water and carry away waste. However, even the most well-maintained systems can encounter issues over time. One of the most challenging problems Tampa homeowners might face is a slab leak. This is a type of leak that occurs beneath the concrete floors of your home. Let’s look at the causes, signs, and solutions for slab leaks that the Tampa plumbers at EVERYDAYPLUMBER.com have experienced over the years.

Leaking pipe under concrete slab of a home
Leak on copper pipe underneath concrete.

What Are Slab Leaks?

Slab leaks occur when there is a failure of the copper, PVC, or galvanized pipes running beneath the concrete slab of your home’s foundation. These leaks can happen due to various reasons, including corrosion, shifting soil, poor installation, and regular wear and tear. If not addressed quickly the pressure from the leaking water can cause cracks and even compromise the structural integrity of your foundation.

Signs of Slab Leaks

Detecting slab leaks early is important to prevent extensive damage to your home. Look out for these signs:

1. Higher than normal water bills: A sudden rise in your water bills without changes is usage could be a sign of a hidden water leak.

2. Damp or warm spots: If you notice damp or warm areas on your floor, this could be a sign of a slab leak.

3. Mold and mildew growth: Moisture from a slab leak can lead to mold and mildew growth in an area of your home.

4. Low water pressure: If you notice an abnormal decrease in water pressure in your faucets and fixtures.


When faced with a slab leak and you need a pipe repaired, it is important to hire a licensed and insured local plumbing company that specializes in identifying and fixing the problem correctly. EVERYDAYPLUMBER.com is a family-owned and operated plumbing company serving Tampa and the surrounding areas. Here are a few reasons you should choose our leak repair services.

  • Expertise: EVERYDAYPLUMBER.com has a team of skilled plumbers who have years of experience diagnosing and repairing slab leaks.
  • Latest technology: We employ state-of-the-art equipment like infra-red sensors and electronic leak detection devices to pinpoint the exact location of slab leaks.
  • Comprehensive solutions: EVERYDAYPLUMBER.com offers a range of solutions, including pipe repair, pipe re-routing, whole house re-pipes.
  • Up front ricing: We provide flat rate, upfront pricing, so you know  the cost of repairs before the work begins.
  • Customer service: As a family-owned business, EVERYDAYPLUMBER.com values its customers and focuses on delivering exceptional customer service and guarantees on the plumbing repairs we provide.

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