Clogged Bathtub Drain Plumbing Tips

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Clogged Bathtub Drains - Plumbing Tips

The first step in clearing a clogged bathtub drain is to visually inspect the drain. In bathtubs, a buildup of hair and soap chips are the leading causes of a clogged bathtub drain. If you can see hair at the bottom of the drain, you can reach in and pull the visible clog out. Although this process does not sound appealing, you can fashion a tool such as a wire coat hanger or similar tool to hook onto the clog and pull it out. Tweezers and needle nose pliers may also be used to clamp onto clogs and pull them out.

plunging a clogged bathtub drain can be effective

Note: On some bathtubs the drain stopper is attached to the overflow plate. In order to plunge the drain, you will need to remove the overflow plate and the drain mechanism. The overflow plate is usually held in place by two screws. After you remove the screws, you can remove the overflow plate and the drain mechanism at the same time.

1. Fill the bathtub with enough water to cover the bottom of the plunger.

2. Block the overflow outlet with a rag, or bundled cloth.

3. Position the plunger over the drain and push down.

4. Start plunging a clogged drain slowly and gently start to build intensity.

5. Undue intensity will increase the chance of water rebounding from the drain.

6. Gradually plunge more forcefully and pull back faster. Repeat as necessary to dislodge the blockage.

7. Lift up the plunger and allow the water to drain away.

8. If the water does not drain away, repeat the steps above.

9. If the water still fails to drain the blockage may have moved further down the drain pipe and lodged again.

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Hiring a Professional Plumber

When a plunger fails to work, the remaining tools to correct a clogged bathtub require technical skills. Plumbing tools, such as a snakes or augers require expertise and can be dangerous to a user with little or no experience. The improper use of manual and powered tools to dislodge bathtub clogs may cause undue damage to your tub, drain pipes and bathroom fixtures. If you have reached this stage in the process and have not cleared the clogged drain, we recommend you hire a licensed plumber. will respond to your plumbing needs in a timely fashion and you will be met by one of the most experienced plumbers Tampa has to offer. Have your inspection and estimate done by an professional today.

Do not attempt to use a chemical drain cleaner/opener in a clogged bathtub. If you are tempted to do so please read this plumbing tip for more information on the harmful effects of chemical drain cleaners.

How do I keep my bathtub drains clean?

Clearing out a clogged bathtub drain on your own can be a tricky task. It is better to prevent a clog from happening in the first place. Here are a few plumbing tips to keep your bathtub drains flowing freely.

Bathtub Drain Tips

  • Use strainers in all your bathtub drains to catch hair from going down the drain. It is easier to clear out a strainer once in a while than having a plumber clean your bathtub drain every six months.
  • Do not allow small pieces of soap to go down the bathtub drain. Soap will dissolve and wash away. Soap buildups occur from allowing small or large pieces of soap to slip down the drain.
  • Every three months, pour a half cup of baking soda in the bathtub drain. Then slowly add a half cup of vinegar. Let the mixture sit in the drain for a several minutes. Then rinse the mixture away by running plenty of hot water down the drain. This process will not only keep your bathtub drains flowing, but clean smelling as well.

What if my clogged bathtub drain is not repaired?

Timely repair of a clogged bathtub drain is critical.  Postponing the proper repair may lead to larger problems with sewer or septic lines.  A clogged sewer line can lead to waste water backing up into showers, sinks and appliances. Homes, apartments, and businesses alike have been shut down from unhealthy conditions caused by flooding due to clogged sewer lines.  If you have concerns about a clogged drain or the overall health of the drain and sewer lines in your Tampa Bay area home or business contact today.  From the moment we receive your call until the job is done; is committed to providing honest an affordable plumbing services with dependable and guaranteed results.

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